Dalrock and his lies

Dalrock 8h ago I’ve just now added kryptonian51 to the blacklist. Looking at his IP addresses, he appears to be using TOR. I don’t have any issue with that, but perhaps wordpress does. On the question of wordpress having separate spam and trash bins, see this discussion on the wordpress forums. I had forgotten that the blacklist says it will send comments to trash, because (as the linked thread confirms) it actually sends them to the spam bin instead.


It is well known that the blogger known as Dalrock is fanatical in his heavy handed moderation of his blog…..To say that he is “extreme” would be an understatement.  Basically nothing gets through unless you are already a member of his cult, and you post stuff that is in full agreement with his anti-woman garbage…..He also attacks the leftist brigade for their censorious practices in denying free speech to their enemies, Dalrock’s hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance here is laughable if it weren’t so serious!

After noticing that my comments were mysteriously being deleted/and or not showing up I confronted Dalrock about it and this is what he had to say:

I just double checked and I still don’t see any comments from your email address in the spam bin, but found four in the trash bin and fished them out. There isn’t a moderation setting I can set to move comments to trash. I can set them to go to moderation or spam, but not to trash. One thing we found a while back is that WordPress has a bug if you have a wordpress account and try to post a comment without already being logged in. It should prompt you to log in first, but for some reason sometimes it was allowing the comment and then moving it to spam. Maybe they changed the destination to trash? I see that you have a wordpress account, so I would suggest to make sure you are logged in when you try to comment and see if that helps.

Notice here how he first tries to lie, then he tries to blame it on WordPress!! I’ve always been logged in when commenting you numpty

You see we’re one step ahead of Dalrock here….In the settings for your WordPress account, nothing goes to spam UNLESS you target certain url’s, ip address in your moderation settings….Now since my comments weren’t breaking any of Dalrock’s ultra strict rules here, why were they ending up in trash?

Oh believe me this is where it gets good! Because Dalrock’s moderation settings are so extreme, whilst extolling the virtues of free speech notwithstanding! and castigating the leftists for their heavy use of censorship and deleting comments that “offend them” Dalrock has everything go to trash BUT he selectively goes in his trash and allows comments that he approves of

Nothing wrong with that you say?…..well that’s Dalrock’s prerogative of course, but it was only after I pulled him up about his first lying about where my comments were going that suddenly all my comments started to show up again!

It gets worse though….Notice in my first linked comment where he says I’ve just now added kryptonian51 to the blacklist. Looking at his IP addresses, he appears to be using TOR. I don’t have any issue with that, but perhaps wordpress does

Got ya!! That post was made by Dalrock AFTER everything that has transpired up to this point, and he is NOW saying that the reason my comments were ending up in trash was because i was using TOR!!

Dalrock is a LIAR, you have to manually add someone to your blacklist in order to ban someone commenting, WordPress doesn’t do it

And the reason Dalrock just added me to his extremely long blacklist is because I pulled him up on his duplicity

No one knows who Dalrock is:

No one knows his name
No one can contact him via Facebook
No one can contact him on Twitter
No one can contact him in an email address
No one can contact him via Google +
He hides like a coward in complete anonymity pretending to love free speech whilst being THE most censorious, heavy handed moderator that I’ve ever seen, and that’s the bottom line